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💙🌊Make today an amazing day because YOU deserve it!

Another thing you deserve is 20% off on the website (link in BIO)
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What a perfect day for a #greatoutdoorsadventure
Now that we’re all back to a LITTLE of the freedom we had before, leave a note of how you’re making today your #beach
Tag us with your outdoor pics, we’d love to see 👀
#oceansoulculture #oceansoulohana

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Our Ocean Soul loves everything about #Coastal living.

All of our hand made treasures come from a deep love affair with everything the ocean has to offer.

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🎶It’s such a vibrant thing🎶

What the Ocean gives us back is worth its weight in gold!
Treasure stacking at its best

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Feeling Blue? 💙💙💙 We are, especially when we get to share our passion with the Global Ohana!

Check us out on FB “The Ocean Soul Ohana” and share your Nauti Stack in our Stacking Contest

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From time to time we love to run contests. If you’re on FB check out The Ocean Soul Ohana page to see what the current contest is all about!

Photo: @schielemegan
#oceansoulculture #oceansoulohana #jewelrystacks

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Memorial Day is coming!! That’s Right 🔥🔥🔥 20% off EVERYTHING in the website right now! #StockUp on some beach styles & get some holiday vibes flowing!!! #oceansoulculture ...

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😲 Holy Moly!  Is it Monday again????

It sure is ~ and that’s just a sign that we get another chance at making the world around us great.

We’re super stoked about a lot these days. Most importantly we’re excited to say “Aloha Ohana!”

What’s got you stoked to be alive today???

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Inspired by those beaches in Georgia 🍑 ~ Peach Beaches

Our heart is bound to the Florida beauties, but we love beaches all over the globe!

What’s your favorite beach?

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We’ve got the blues 💙 and We LOVE THEM!

We don’t mean to make light of the challenges we face globally, but without our Global Ohana...We’d be looking from a totally different set of “blues”

How are you you keeping things peaceful & happy these days?

Launch sale price still in full effect!!!

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🦩Be sure to throw some play in your days • Smiles can take you a super long way on the journey of YOUR SOUL 😁

Best beach time memory comment below 🏖

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Black cord + Black Stainless Steel Bead made JUST for Ocean Soul = Longterm Beach Hotness 🔥🔥🔥 Details in Bio Link


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L I V E 🌊 F R E E

Leave a note below about how you plan to get back to L I V I N G

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🧜‍♀️🧜The Mer-gods delivered something pretty dope overnight! Introducing The Signature OS Bracelet

Special Intro pricing while supplies last. Link in our BIO

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What’s just beneath the surface is another world of magic and wonder ~ it’s never out of reach.

What’s stirring your soul these days? Share your soul in the comments below

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Who’s down for a discount??? 30% off is happening right now on the entire Aloha Bracelet line-up!! 🐬 🌴🧜‍♀️🤿🐢 just to name a few

If you haven’t started your collection...NOW IS A GREAT TIME! (Link in Bio for more)

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Who’s sitting at this 4 top VIP seating??? 🙏🗣 Tag your crew and share the Coastal Vibes


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What helps you feel like you’re sitting on top of the 🌎??

Spreading the joy of life near the Ocean is one of our go to activities that lets us feel that feeling!

Comment below what yours is/are

Photo by Antti Raikunen on Scopio

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