team Ocean soul

Our Team

Julie Anderson

Queen Mermaid

Joseph Anderson

Brand Manager/
King Merman

Tyler Klefot

Media manager/
Captain Avocado
(Famous pirate in the future)

Lincoln Anderson

outdoors expert/
Prince Merman

Jonah Anderson

Quality Control/
1st Mate

Evelyn Ebertshauser

Office manager/
Customer relations

Cathy Rice

Salty Sunday secretary/
Homemaking goddess

The Ohana

A family of mermaids, mermen, seashellers, ocean fanatics and salty souls

Team O.S. Louisville – We began as a small family business. Julie is a self taught silversmith. Tyler joined in to help the company’s rapid growth. Demand increased even more, so Joseph was brought from a part-time to a full time role with the company. We have grown so much that a larger space was needed to do so much more. We are hiring our first employees. We are now able to share our love for the ocean with kindred spirits across the globe.

Team O.S. Bali – We hired a team of master silversmiths in Bali to keep up with the increasing demand. We chose Bali for its historically rich tradition in this art. We empower individuals by providing fair sustainable income for many artisans.

A family owned business collaborating with skilled artisans in Bali.

Our mission

People all over the world are born with an innate connection to the vast, glimmering sea. The ocean’s rhythmic freedom starts in our hearts and becomes our culture, a prolific link that extends into a way of life. Our mission is to connect this global community of ocean souls through jewelry and apparel derived from the ocean itself. From the salty wind gracing the tanned skin of a beachgoer, to the gloved diver’s hand reaching out to grasp the sea floor, to the surfer riding atop a roaring swell, the ocean soul will always find communion, peace, and family, or Ohana, with the sea. United through our shared passion, we are Ocean Soul.

Our vision

To offer high quality ocean inspired jewelry (and apparel) birthed from the combination of our love for all things Ocean/Coastal and the skilled craftsmanship of Balinese Silversmithing. This to empower individuals with fair sustainable income, and opportunities to develop as individuals contributing to the Global Ohana at large. Sharing the feelings and nostalgia of the beaches, vacations, traveling, and that familial energy.
Our Core Values
Their work proves that design should not be just a fancy pomp, but apart from aesthetic demands should link together functionality and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to many years of international experience with commercial and residential projects, Ian Bryan Architects think about design as well as the needs of clients who are going to live “in it”.